Paws On The Run 4U have been a most reliable agency for our pets. They have given them loving care and saw to it that they ate well and gave them the attention needed while we've been away. They're very attentive and see to their every need.
Don Hancock & Glenn Cummins

Debe Cariaga, has been watching or “dog-sitting” my American Bulldog Zeus, for the last 2 years. I am always comforted in knowing that Debe treats Zeus like her own dog; making him apart of her family. Debe never keeps Zeus locked in a kennel, Zeus is always free to explore her home and backyard; receiving so much love, attention as well as exercise. Debe takes a real interest in Zeus’ well-being. Debe always asks if there is anything new going on or if there is anything that she needs to be aware of when caring for Zeus. I can depend on Debe to make sure Zeus eats at the times I have designated as well as give him the treats I have provided for him. Having Debe care for Zeus when I’m away is so comforting to me; I know he will get the affection that he needs and I don’t have to worry about the inactivity that is associated with so many commercial kennels. Debe and her family are wonderful and I know they genuinely love my “big guy”.

Sandra Ross

I have watched Paulette’s interaction with animals and her patience is amazing. Anyone who could get three Jack Russell Terriers to sit still for even one photo is a miracle worker.

John G
Myrtle Creek, Or.
Paulette has always had a special bond with dogs. She walks into a room and if there is a dog there, that dog is drawn to her. I have never seen that magic in a person. She has a Midas Touch when it comes to animals.
My dog Juniper adores her!!!!!

Julie Gusman
As an animal lover down to my toes, I have surrounded myself with animals my whole life...
and to actually witness every animal in a room light up, when Paulette walks in to view, still amazes me. They obviously know she loves them, and they can't help but love her right back. It is such a gift.

In the twenty years I have known Paulette, there has never been a shortage of animals in her life, both in her home and her workplace. That earned experience coupled with her love for them, makes this business choice a marriage made in heaven. I have trusted her, and will always trust her with any of my children, four-legged or two.

I expect her success in this venture, because the most successful people are the ones who love what they do, and the happiest clients, are those who understand that.

Respectfully yours,
Jill Jacobus
Merritt Island, FL

Paulette has watched our dog, Sasha, when we've been out of town for vacations for the past 10 years. Our dog just loves her. When Paulette comes over, she better have a treat, because Sasha is expecting one from her! Paulette is very reliable and trustworthy and will love your animal to death! I cannot say enough about the love she has for animals and how they love her back. She is the best.

Lisa Hertz

Fremont, CA

I have worked with Paulette on several occassions and have used her advice on puppy training techniques with my dog Rosie. Paulette has a vast level of pet expereince and she truly cares about the people and pets she provides service to.

I highly recommend Paws on the Run to anyone who is seeking loving and responsible care for their pets while they are away.

Sincerely and Whoof Whoof,

Shannie T and Rosie